Gagged Chokers makes me feel beautiful while I show off my style at the same time. I feel like everyone is looking at me because I made them gag by looking at my choker!
— @Go_Big_Lexie_

Here's the Gag

Beautifully hand crafted chokers that have as much personality and flair as you do. Complete your outfit with a Gagged Choker and leave the house with confidence! Make a statement with these unique pieces. You can start with one...but chances are you'll end up with them all! 


Style & Quality

Each choker is crafted by hand and made with love. Stock is always limited so if you see one you like, make a move! Should you receive a choker that's quality is not up to our standards, shoot us an email...we will always have your back! 

Definition of Gagged: 

Gag /gag/ (v) to see a choker so perfect for your outfit or personality, it literally leaves you speechless. 


Life is too short to wear boring chokers.